10 Tips for Great Kids Parties

Miss Dylan at the Burlington County Library

Kids party entertainers need to get eye level with their audience!

By “Miss Dylan” Glanzer of Parties by Dylan & Company

I have been doing kids’ birthday parties in NJ for over 24 years. Do you want your child and their friends to be totally engaged, energized, playful, curious, surprised, successful, and happy for a whole hour at your party?  Would you like to have Peace of Mind knowing that your party is in good hands with a reputable and reliable company? Would you like to have wonderful memories that last a lifetime as you celebrate each milestone in your child’s life?  The key is the variety of music and the short, age-appropriate activities we offer.  Each party is unique because every group is unique, so though we work from a basic party format, we can gear the party especially for your child and their friends.   That is why “Our Biggest Fans Are Under Five!”


Here are my 10 Tips for Great Kids’ Birthday Parties in NJ (plus an extra bonus!):

1.  Have a plan!  Grab your free copy of my Party Planning Checklist here!  Just sign up for my mailing list for your virtually stress-free party.

2.  Entertainment should typically last about  an hour for children in this age group.  Too much time will overwhelm young children, especially your 2 year olds.

3.  Just book one entertainer or type of entertainment.  Younger children do not handle too many choices well.  For example, if you book a musician, forget about adding that costume character!

4.  Parties for young children do not need to involve prizes, in my opinion.   If everybody gets to play, then everybody wins!

party activity

Children love to be successful, so give them every opportunity!

5.  If a party is in a playroom, push the toys to the wall, into a closet, or onto toy shelves before entertainment begins.  Toys are too tempting.

6.  Use name tags.  (We always bring them to the party.)  Children feel less shy of a new person when that person can use their name to encourage participation in the activities.

7.  Hands on props are so much fun because young children like to be as active and hands-on as possible at a party.  You can use things like puppets, rhythm instruments, and scarves along with a variety of familiar music.

Fun activities for all ages

Kids ages 1 – 8 love to play with these twirls to popular music at our parties!

8.  Don’t expect children to sit too long doing one activity, like a sing-along!  Party activities should change every 10 minutes.

9.  Do activities that children can do at the same time.  It is too much for children under 3 to “wait their turn!”

10.  Keep all activities SHORT!!!  Pay attention to their attention, and change to the next activity as soon as you notice children getting distracted.

BONUS:  Give your entertainer an alternate cell phone and make-sure that someone can answer your phone if you are busy being the “host with the most!”

If you have any questions about kids’ birthday parties in NJ, feel free to call me at (732) 536-0404 or email me at Dylan@Partiesdydylan.com.   Good luck with your party planning!

I’m here to help!  Send me the details and I’ll call you!

9 Responses to 10 Tips for Great Kids Parties

  • Randi@HealthyOrganizedLiving says:

    LOVE these ideas on how to enjoy a party by organizing and thinking ahead. I am posting on my fb page at facebook.com/HealthyOrganizedLiving

  • April Fan says:

    Dylan, my son’s birthday is coming up soon and I’m definitely going to use your fun ideas. This is so fun!

    • Dylan says:

      Wonderful, April!! If you have any questions, please call me! I would be happy to help you plan your son’s birthday! How old is he gong to be?

  • Amanda Littlejohn says:

    Dylan – these are great tips! I’m trying to think of party ideas for my 3 and 4 (soon to be 4 and 5) year olds in September and this is fantastic information. I want to do something that involves music since they both love to listen to music, play music, sing and dance. Do you have any recommendations? We live in the DC area.

    • Dylan says:

      Hi Amanda! I don’t know any entertainers in the DC area personally. Check out this informative article on making birthday partes FUN and EDUCATIONAL: http://bit.ly/JQ2lWO This is an article from Lifetime Moms (in which I was quoted – yippee!) and there are several great ideas shared!!

  • claire gillenson says:

    These are great tips! My daughter’s birthday is not for a few months, but I am going to bookmark this and use your fun ideas for her party!

  • Antoinette de Janasz says:

    The best birthday parties are always the ones that are well orchestrated. A fun idea for ‘tweenagers’ is to have the local high school cheerleaders come and teach the girls some routines.

    • Dylan says:

      Hi Antoinette! I love the cheerleader’s idea. At my Sweet Sixteen, my mom got the local college drama department to perform a musical revue for us! It is so much fun! I agree the planning is key! Thank you for your comment!

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