I’m a Cartoon!

I have always dreamed of having a cartoon drawing of myself!  LOL  Not a caricature, though, because most times I don’t find those things very flattering.  Well, my dream came true.  I love when you get a vision in your head and you manifest it in your life.  Somehow, the right people have come together to help me make my new CD and design.  Vinnie Corona-Evans is the CD designer for my album, “Roller Coaster Ride.”  It is in production right  now and will be available for purchase in about 10 days!  I am breathless with anticipation.  Will the children like the music?  Will parents enjoy it too?  Will it sell?  Can I single-handedly promote this the right way?  Well, this is why I stopped teaching music classes.  I wanted the time to pursue my dreams to grow my kids party company and produce my music.  3…..2….1…..

Are you like me?  Do you manifest your dreams only to be on to the next project?  My next project is already on my wish list:  I am going to re-release my 1st CD with 3 new songs that did not make it onto my latest CD.  I can’t even wait!   I am also ready to have someone illustrate two of my songs into CD/Books for children!  Don’t you love children’s books with music?  Would you like to see our oringial songs “Roller Coaster Ride” or “My Birthday Song” with a whole book to go with it?   I can see it now….

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