Kids Parties in New Jersey

Miss Dylan has been doing kids parties in New Jersey for almost 25 years.  She says, “This is the greatest job for me because it just feels so easy!”  When asked why it is so easy, Miss Dylan replies that it is because she has always felt like a “kid at heart” and truly enjoys singing and playing for children this age.  “Toddlers and children under five don’t know how to ‘fake it.’  If they don’t like what is going on, they will just find something else to do!  I just love their total honesty,” says Dylan, “and I know if they are smiling and having fun with me, that the experience for them is very real.”

Doing kids parties in New Jersey is like second nature. The party games Miss Dylan plays are completely interactive and there is always music playing.  She can actually keep the attention of a large group of children ages 1 – 8 for an entire hour of activities!  Her employees have the same gift.  “There are things you can do to hold kids’ attention that are very simple:  Things like eye contact and positive reinforcement through praise.”  Her degree in Early Childhood Education has obviously been a great influence in her ability to execute a great party for kids.

When asked how she sees the future of her company, Dylan replies, “I would love to see this type of party being done all over the country, not just here in New Jersey.  I would love to be able to teach other people who play guitar, sing, and have that natural ability to engage young children who they can run their own effective party business.  I think these memorable events can really make a difference to children.  They need these opportunities to be treated with respect by an adult and to have fun in a creative and musical way.”  Dylan hopes to be doing kids parties in New Jersey for a long time to come as the largest and best party company in the state.

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