Parties: Then and Now

Child Upset by Clown at Party

“It’s My Party (and I’ll Cry if I Want To)” was sung by Leslie Gore in 1963.  This was written during the  Cold War when John Kennedy was President, so why are we still accepting this as status quo?  Okay, kids cry at their party sometimes.  They get scared, hungry, uncomfortable, and overwhelmed.  As parents, we do everything in our power to try to make our children happy.  So why then do we still consider clowns and characters as the “go-to” form of entertainment for babies and toddlers when they might likely freak out their child?  Yes, they love Elmo – but not when he’s six-feet tall!!! 

Well, that was THEN and this is NOW!  I know parents are out there looking for something special for their child’s birthday party.   I hear from my clients all the time that they love that I offer something unique and uplifting to entertain their party guests using MUSIC.  Parents today have also realized the huge impact music has on their young children.  They start moving their bodies almost from day 1 to sounds and rhythms of all kinds.  Most of our celebrated events involve music in a big way, so why not children’s parties?

I have always wondered – why don’t more children’s musicians offer musical parties?  I believe it’s because they are not sure they can hold the attention of 20 children varying in age from babies to 8 years old for more than 15 minutes!  There are a few of us who figured out the “party puzzle,” but not enough.  This is a call to all musicians out there to find a way to entertain because we are so desperately needed.  It is time to change and challenge the kids’ birthday party trend!  (If you are a musician and have questions about this, please contact me!)

The new party of today has children laughing, singing and dancing, playing with puppets and instruments, and games of all kinds where each child wins!  Music is playing and it totally ROCKS!  There is a party leader who smiles and joyfully leads them without hiding in a costume or forcing laughs wearing clown make-up.  They look like a parent or teacher and they know how to play along and have fun too!  Nothing is more special to a child than a grown-up who is giving them their full attention and PLAYING!  I don’t think there will be any crying at this party.  YAY!!!!

Just so you know that everyone and I loved you & your style of entertaining. My daughter enjoyed herself and even played the hula hoop! Thank you for doing what you do. It gives parents like us some other options besides your ordinary clowns, magicians etc. Thanks for making my daughter’s birthday fun & special. Mylah H., Ridgewood, NJ

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  • Kim Shanahan says:

    You are so right! My daughter went to a “rock and roll glam party” when she was eight and had a ball! They gave all the girls fake hair in bright colors, colorful skirts to throw on over their clothes, funny jewelry and wash off tattoos. Then they all rocked out together. Every kid there, and there were all ages, had a blast.

  • Jeanine says:

    Remembering my kids growing up, they did not like clowns or anyone dressing up for that matter. I feel that music is more personal and helps the children interact more with their feelings and leaning abilities. Keep up the great work!

    • Dylan says:

      My kids were not big fans either, until they were older and knew that they were just people dressing up. I just feel like there are more options today to get creative with children’s entertainment. Thanks for your comment, Jeanine!

  • Yes, 6 foot Elmo would scare my kiddos….and me!!!

  • A music party option is fantastic and having engaged, active kids moving to the music is a bonus for everyone. I think it gives children with all personality types the choice to jump in and move or sit back and listen depending on their own personalities!

  • I agree with Katrina, 6 foot elmo is scary! I think it’s so important to give children our full attention, not only on their special day but on a daily basis as well and in a way that they can relate to. Great post, Dylan.

  • Tom Fivenson says:

    Hi, I’m a children’s music performer from Ann Arbor, MI. I always thought that doing a children’s party meant doing a MUSIC performance – maybe with a few percussion instruments for the kids- similar to what I’ve always been doing at schools, camps and daycare centers. Wrong! Now, I can see where they can be a whole lot more – with puppets, skits, props; a plan for a lot of short activities that keep the kids interested and involved. I really think Miss D is on to something here. I believe that children’s music performers can learn a lot from her on this topic. I began to work with Miss Dylan recently and thanks to her, I’m on the right track. Thanks, Miss D, for leading the way!

    • Dylan says:

      Thank you for your comment, Tom. I have enjoyed working wtih you too. Since you already possess the talent and personality of a great kids’ performer, you just needed to learn the nuts and bolts of putting together the type of entertainment needed for a party format. I feel like I can give other performers like you a jump start by giving you the advantage of my experience to build a successful party business. One of the basics I share wtih my own team is that if you are having fun, chances are, so are the party guests!

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