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Respecting Earth and Child

Find out what it means to THEM!

Recently I watched a video by Raffi Cavoukian. Most of us know him simply as Raffi, that wonderful children’s entertainer who wrote and performed countless, memorable songs for young children. The video is entitled “Respecting Earth and Child” and it features Raffi giving an empowering talk about how important it is to respect children and “pay attention” to how we treat them from their birth. It is in these “early formative” years when “we develop our sense of self and sense of the world.” Then he very simply states, “What could be more important than that?” I was so moved by this talk. I have always felt that part of what makes me good at my job of entertaining at children’s birthday parties is my tremendous respect for the young child. They light up when I give them my full attention and love that I really enjoy playing with them for a while. Children practically glow when someone just listens to what they have to say. It really does “take a village” though. We can’t raise children to feel positive about themselves and their world all by ourselves. There really does need to be a cultural shift in what we value as people.

My friend Jessica Eaves Mathews, founder of Leverage-a-Lawyer and mom, found a great way to teach children about respect – on Pintrest, believe it or not!

“Before you act or speak, THINK. Is what you want to say or do:

T: True?
H: Helpful?
I: Inspiring?
N: Necessary?
K: Kind?

If not, don’t say or do it!”

For me respect is a two-way street. If I want respect, I have to give it. Not just to my friends and family, but also to my neighbors, to the stranger, and to the children.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy this video: Raffi: Respecting Earth and Child.

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