Mr. Jon did an awesome job!

I’m writing to let you know that Mr. Jon did an awesome job at Kevin’s 2nd birthday party yesterday. Mr. Jon went above and beyond what I’d expected from attending other parties that hosted music performances. Mr. Jon made sure the children were involved and he brought out the spark of each and everyone including the shy/timid ones that attended the party. One of the children in particular is sensitive to loud sounds and noises and Mr. Jon made him feel so relaxed that the boy was playing with the musical instruments, and singing along with everyone else. I’d have to say I almost forgot it was my sons birthday because Mr. Jon’s performance was so engaging that even the adults joined in the party. I’d asked Mr. Jon if he had any Spanish music to include into his routine and although he’s not a fluent Spanish speaker he did play a few songs that everyone loved. Mr. Jon made this experience such a memorable one that I’m still receiving text messages and phone calls about the wonderful sleep they had last night as they re-lived Kevin’s birthday party in their dreams.   After everything Kevin and I have endured this year I can not thank you enough for finally relighting the spark of joy, love, and happiness in our lives. This experience has already begun to help my family bond together again.  Eternally grateful, Armenia L., Elizabeth, NJ

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