Thanks again for an adorable and fun party.

Hi Miss Dylan, I wanted to thank you for the wonderful party for Kate and Claire. It was exactly the kind of party I envisioned and perfect for their age. My daughters and all the children LOVED all the singing and dancing and musical games. It was heartwarming to see them enjoying themselves so much. What good, old-fashioned fun! I thought it was cute when the kids spontaneously sprawled on the treehouse sofas, and, without missing a beat, you sang them lullabies about friendship. That was a real highlight! The next day Kate and Claire couldn’t get enough of listening to your CD–and singing and dancing along, too. They still play it almost every day, and it’s a nice way to continue the fun. (Claire is captivated by the “Little Rabbit” song–her favorite!; Kate is all about your friendship song, which I find myself humming.) I’ve attached some photos of the party. The Little Silver Library was the perfect setting! Thanks again for an adorable and fun party. – Meg B, Little Silver, NJ

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