Miss Dylan

My New “Old” CD

This CD was first recorded in 2007. It was my first attempt to make an album...just to see if I could! I wanted to record the songs my preschool students asked for most often. I wanted it to be simple; just me and the guitar. Now six years later, after the release of my Parents’ Choice Award Winning CD “Roller Coaster Ride,” my music has evolved, yet I still sing these same popular children’s songs most of the time! Continue reading

Giving Back

Unexpected Rewards


I am searching in my life for ways to give back for the privilege of being able to do a job I so completely love.  Being a children’s musician and performer means the world to me.  This… Continue reading

10 Tips for Great Kids Parties

Miss Dylan has been doing kids’ birthday parties in NJ for over 24 years. Do you want your child and their friends to be totally engaged, energized, playful, curious, surprised, successful, and happy for a whole hour at your party? Would you like to have Peace of Mind knowing that your party is in good hands with a reputable and reliable company? Would you like to have wonderful memories that last a lifetime as you celebrate each milestone in your child's life? The key is the variety of music and the short, age-appropriate activities we offer. Each party is unique because every group is unique, so though we work from a basic party format, we can gear the party especially for your child and their friends. That is why “Our Biggest Fans Are Under Five!” Continue reading

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