Rent one of these spaces if you live in Central New Jersey!

If you don’t want the party in your home, click  on either of these towns and you will be taken to the web site for that location option:  Jamesburg or Old Bridge NJ.  Then, contact us to ask about booking Parties by Dylan & Company as your musical party entertainer.

As you know with young children, it is a challenge to keep them from just running around or getting bored and driving their parents crazy! At typical “party places,” the children just get fed tons of sugar and run around like maniacs! They don’t even play together! You have a  1 or maybe 2 hour block of time, you are rushed from room to room, and then you get to stand around while the kids finally get to sit and scarf down pizza and cake. Fun!?!?  NOT!

If you live near us, I suggest these two optional locations so that you have the run of the place instead of having the kids run all over the place! No rush, no fuss, no kidding!

We offer age appropriate activities and themes perfect for children from ages 1 – 12!!

Would you love it if someone took the stress off your hands completely so that you could just have an amazing party for your child? Leave it to us. All you have to do, is Sit Back, Relax and Enjoy your child’s party!